September 25, 2012

How to get a job?

Name: swathi

Q: hi every one, actly i was supposed to passed out in 2009 bt unfortunately i passed in 2012. i have good communication skills and good programming knowledge…bt am nt getting a s/w job …so could yu please tell me that am i eligible for IT . can yu pls suggest me how to get a job ….even it is a small company or am ready to do internship. and i dnt consider salary.

A: Customize your resume and make sure that you include a custom cover letter with each application. Instead of trying to apply to 50 different employers at a stretch, apply to just a few relevant ones.

Contact your extended social network and request them to inform you if there is suitable opening in their company. Build your network via job networking sites like LinkedIn. Join online forums, groups meant for IT jobs.

Interview prepartion is important. Research on common HR and technical question and prepare unique answers for those difficult question. The key is to get the right skills and certification required for IT projects.

You may have gaps in career for many reasons. Be honest. Speak confidently about your experiences during the gaps. Some could transfer to on-the-job skills.

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