September 26, 2010

I don't have any work experience.What should I do?

Name: Vivek

Q: I completed BE in mech. in 2004 with 66%. I could not find any job for over a year. So I did Microsoft and Cisco certifications in 2007. But until now i'am not able to find a job. Currently Im doing my MBA thro' corres. in International Business. I'm confused and I don't have any work experience.What should I do?

A: You can apply for jobs and work while doing your MBA in correspondence. Experience in related fields is very important. There are many jobs in IT and networking fields. You need to search job on right platform. Take help of your immediate and extended networks as it is the best way to know about job openings and recommendation. Register  with job sites, yahoo groups for jobs, mail your resume to job consultants. You can also e-mail your resume to our e-mail id mentioned on this blog.

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