March 30, 2013

Career in Information Security

Name: Rohan

Career Query:

Sir  i have completed my B-Tech in ECE, What is the career  scope , if i wish to pursue a career in information security ? Would i be able to do so, being a graduate in electronics stream?


Yes, you can pursue career in information security after competition of your Bachelor degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering.

Information security is an evolving profession. In the past, technology dictated security; now business is the main driver. So it is great career choice if you have passion and knowledge in this domain. Security is an interesting field because it can benefit from so many different disciplines, including not only technical fields but also aspects of the human side of security.

Certification and practical experience are two important factor for career growth in information security domain. The most important elements in successful careers in the security field are a commitment to lifelong learning and an interdisciplinary, wide ranging curiosity.

Training: Try to get training in programming, operating systems, data structures, quality assurance, cryptography, data communications, information systems management and information security courses.

Certification: Certify at your level and with what you do. Study and appear entry level security certification to higher-level security certs like the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). If you work with Cisco kit, then only go for the CCNA.

Experience: Once you gain experience in the Information Security career field, there are many options open. You can move into management, transition into business operations, leave for another organization or enter into independent consulting.

Following career choice is available for information security professional in Software companies, Banking & Financial sector, Govt. Sector, Health care and other consulting farms.

  • Security Executive 
  • Senior or IT Executive
  • Security Manager
  • Security Director
  • Consultant
  • Senior Management
  • Manager of Audit, Risk or IT
  • Security Architect

Where to look for a job: Major organizations, Information Security Services Provider/Consultancy companies.

To explore more on career in information security, visit following website.

Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA)

Certifications:  CISSP, CISM, SANS

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